Learn to Touch Type in just a few hours

Achieve perfect
accuracy and posture
without looking down

It's an amazing approach you won't forget

Our touch typing course is very special. By using both your brain and your body, you’ll be amazed, mesmerised and surprised at what you can remember – and do. Click here to see the courses.




The StarTouch method forges rich, memorable learning.

It gets participants actively involved in experiential learning; you don’t just SIT there TRYING to learn! Instead, you engage in some carefully designed TRAINING!




Typing is not so much about computers & keyboards as it is about brains & bodies.

To use your body well you need to train. And we will train you to gain control over your eyes, arms, fingers and above all, your thoughts.




StarTouch uses ‘brain friendly’ training techniques to make learning ‘stick’.

You’ll be astonished at how quickly and easily you can build vivid, persistent memories. It’s learning that’s hard-to-forget.




StarTouch is different and helps you gain control of your body, build accuracy into all you do, establish discipline and understand how to practise so you can quickly make your skill permanent. Excellence as Habit!

What have previous students experienced?

Learn touch typing in a few hours? Not possible?

OK… So no one can develop a fully formed new habit in a matter of a few hours – that’s true. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take months!

Because there’s a distinction between learning a new skill – really learning it: thoroughly, surprisingly, unforgettably, accurately…  and then practising it long enough and well enough for it to take over as your new lifelong habit.

Practice makes Permanent

StarTouch ‘front loads’ the initial learning into 6-10 hours – over anything from single day to a handful of weeks – and trains you at the same time in the most effective practice techniques, to ensure you can consolidate & embed your newly acquired skill in a matter of weeks, using our online practice app.

Of course you'd expect better accuracy & speed from typing courses. But you may be surprised by the additional perks! Find out what makes it really worth learning touch typing

Find out about our touch typing course & the post-course support programme; discover how it's much, much more than just 1 day; learn what would best suit you, or your organisation.

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