StarTouch Origins

To learn about StarTouch Training, you must go back over 10 years. In 2005 a small UK training business added a specialist course to their portfolio. Soon it out-grew their other offerings and took over!

They had been training Human performance skills (eg Presenting,  Selling, Negotiation etc) & Technical operational skills (eg Excel, Word, Mind Mapping software etc). In a significant way, the new training filled the gap between human & computer.

Despite touchscreens & voice-recognition… touch typing is still, and will remain, a core skill for interacting with the computers we work with. It’s to do with the computer – but it’s a human, physical skill.

StarTouch exists to train this one ‘key’ skill in the very best way.

Jonathan Stevens – your Master at Arms

Always a trainer with plenty of energy, understanding and creativity – Jonathan has focused increasingly in the last 10-15 years on applying ‘brain friendly’ training techniques to all he does.

This means helping people to learn things through a great deal more activity, interactivity & motivation than traditional (“sit still, watch and listen”) training.

Waking up unsuspecting participants to discover the surprising fact that a skill people might feel is dry & unglamorous – like typing – can be learnt in a lively, entertaining and above all memorable way continues to give Jonathan his kicks, over 10 years on from specialising in this one core 21st century skill area!


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