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Training sessions
(online / face-to-face) +

8 hours of 1-to-1 Coaching +

Web Support Materials +

Online Practice App


For INDIVIDUALS: Professionals; Managers & Admin Staff; Self-Employed; Between Jobs or Returning to Work; Pupils & Students

For GROUPS: Large & Small Organisations; Private/Public Sector; Not-for-Profit/Charity; Schools & Colleges; Families

Programme Ethos...

3-stage approach

Habits don’t change overnight. Our 3-stage programme caters for this. StarTouch is much more than just another ‘training day’



Mind blowing
Launch Event

Instructor-led Workshop

A 1- or 2-day workshop (depending how intense a programme launch you want) which helps you learn all you need to learn – right at the very start of your journey. The best possible ‘take-off’!



Coached Personal Progress

Self-paced practice regime

Participants pursue a carefully designed practice path – with remote coaching offered via email, phone or Skype – to convert the newly learnt skill into a fast, automatic & resilient habit.




Full adoption of the new skill

Participants – with email or phone guidance and advice from their trainer as needed – switch to touch typing everything as soon as their skill is reliably competent – this can be in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Which Course for you...?


Self-funding? Not enough for a bespoke small group? 1 or 2 staff need training?

Learn: Public scheduled 1-day workshops (London & Birmingham)

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Practise: Daily personal practice including use of online resources in the days & weeks immediately following the course – supported by individual personal email coaching.

Implement: A shared judgement between individual participant & trainer will guide the learner when to switch to using touch typing all the time!

Bespoke Small Groups

Get a group together (small business staff, children, friends, colleagues, or network contacts) & we’ll run a course to order!

Learn: Specially commissioned 1- or 2-day courses at your home, office or other venue

Contact to enquire

Practise: Personal daily practice. Peer Accountability recommended (where the group works together to encourage & track each other’s progress). Individual email coaching included.

Implement: Individuals will consolidate their learning into a habit at different speeds. The trainer can stay involved to help each person activate their new skill in the best way at the best time.

Organisational Courses for Larger Audiences

For corporates, SMEs, charities, schools, colleges, and membership organisations…

Learn: Programme of 1- or 2-day events at your site(s) or chosen venue

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Practise: Individual personal daily practice. Central submitting of practice results recommended. Email coaching included. (Video-coaching & Follow-up meetings optional extras.)

Implement: Recommended scheduled closure meetings (groups, subsets of audience or individual) to recognise progress and suggest onward goals

Programme Structure...


The launch workshop is just the start. The whole journey will take more time & effort than you might wish – but nowhere near as much as you might fear!


1- or 2-day Workshop

A real workout for your brain, your body and your memory – supported by brain friendly techniques & a motivational, creative training style.

Workshop days: 9am – 5:30pm

Multi-day workshops contain a very modest amount of evening work & a 2nd day largely focused on ‘front-loading’ as much consolidation of your Day 1 learning as possible. More impact, sooner!


Self-paced daily practice

Use of Software Practice Tool & Web-based resources – included with workshop

Regular email ‘reports’ to Trainer

(Additional personal coaching available at extra cost)

Daily practice: at least 20-30 minutes a day – best divided into several short sessions. Regular email reports to trainer required (every 1-2 days)


Individual Progress Assessment and ‘Next Steps’ advice – included with workshop Via phone or ideally, Online Video Meeting (or face-to-face, at extra cost)

A final 20-30 min session  (phone, Skype or Face-to-Face if desired) can be requested to acknowledge progress made, identify remaining targets and confirm how trainees might address further keyboarding goals…

Rationale & Design...

Why ‘Brain Friendly’?

The way this programme is designed is calculated to make remembering what’s learnt & achieving personal habit-change much easier & quicker.


When learning is quick, easy, stimulating & thorough, you feel motivated – and equipped – to get straight on with the essential practice phase…

That’s why the workshop is designed, not just to instruct, but to produce a positive, motivated mind set – to enthuse, inspire, intrigue & encourage!


The sooner you start and the more eagerly & frequently you practise (also, the more of the extensive offered support you take advantage of…!) the sooner you’ll build comfort, habit & speed

That’s why the carefully designed practice regime you need to follow, and the tools & post-course coaching matter so much


After enough practice, your new skill will be resilient & automatic enough to apply to all your typing & you’ll start to reap the benefits.

That’s why you should expect at least a 2-4 week personal training path  BEFORE you switch to using your new skill ‘for real’

Decisions for you to make...

Which size suits you?

All the variants of the StarTouch course have the same components. But choosing how much of each element you want or need can make a big difference to how soon you see results.


How intense a programme launch do you want – and how much progress would you like to make from a standing start?

Choose from:

1-day Workshop
2-day Workshop

To find out more about choosing between 1 & 2 day courses, read this document


How much help will you need to establish and stick to a disciplined ‘regime’ of regular, daily practice?

included with workshop:

Self-paced daily practice

Software tool & web resources

Regular email ‘reports’ to Trainer

Available at extra cost:

Additional personal coaching


How much help do you want to assess the results of your efforts and decide that you’ve finished building a new typing habit!

included with workshop:

Individual progress assessment

& ‘Next Steps’ advice

via phone or video-conference

Available at extra cost:

Face-to-face progress assessment

Your commitment...

You make it happen

We can’t hypnotise, wave a wand, or inject you with learning. But we can, and do, supply an effective, inspiring and brain friendly programme designed for you to apply easily.


Come to the workshop with an open mind and ready to get involved

Ideally be as rested as possible (an early night beforehand really helps); and allow yourself time to digest your learning in the evening(s) of the training days!


You’ll need a degree of self-discipline and commitment to get stuck into and keep at your daily practice – and to stay in regular contact with the trainer. But the programme design makes this degree of application far easier than most people would expect!


Understand that your practice ‘path’ will deliver a usable new skill quickly or slowly, depending on the intensity of your commitment and the frequency of your practice. Take it slow & steady. Or go ‘Fast Track’. Either way, if you keep on, keeping on you’ll soon be done!